Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Venetian Thanksgiving

As many of you know, we spent our Thanksgiving holiday in Venice!  Thanksgiving morning we hopped on the tube and rode out to Stansted Airport to catch a plane to Venice.  We arrived in the afternoon, checked in to the hotel, and our time in Venice had begun!

This is the hotel that we stayed at.
For our thanksgiving dinner we first had a couple courses of gelato.  My first course was lemon, chocolate, and stracciatella (chocolate chip).  I then went in for a second course of lemon and maro (blackberry).  The maro, while still good, was not quite up the the standard of the others.  The chocolate was divine and tasted like brownies.
We were lucky to get to the gelato place when we did because thanksgiving was the last day before they closed for the winter (the sign says "Last Day").
Then we went out and had pizza for desert.  I had artichoke pizza (yum yum yum).  This pizza is what caught our attention.
This is a nice picture of one of the bridges spanning the canal in Venice.
And, of course, there was a Hard Rock Cafe (that we didn't go to unfortunately).
This is a picture of me, Dad, Beno, and Bro. Seely standing by the statue of the *Tetrarchs.
This was a the window of a shop that we found.  Venetian glass is very famous and glass shops are one of the three types of shops to be found in Venice (glass shops, mask shops, and clothing stores :) ).  These are tiny glass sculptures of insects.  On the other side which you can't see in the picture were cute little hippos and elephants and all sorts of other kinds of animals.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the shop again, or I would have bought some.
Then next morning, it was raining like crazy, and we were warned that the water would be past our ankles in some of the streets.
  Fortunately our hotel provided Wellies for all.
Brellies and Wellies
It turned out that the water was indeed up to our ankles, and beyond.
St Marks square is the main square in Venice.  That day, it was more like a pond than a square.
Mom and Yours Truly.
Here is Mom on one of the many duck boards erected for those who didn't wish to wade in ankle-deep water.
More duck boards
Sloshing around in a shop.
A cute little kid.
The **bell ringers
San Giorgio church located on a little island.
View of Venice from San Giorgio bell tower
The place to lodge complaints anonymously (mouth).
The next morning sported a welcome blue sky after the floods of the previous day.
An impressionistic shimmer on the canal
Dad, Beno, I, and Bro. Seely went to a church while the girls shopped.
Another nice shot of the church interior.
And more glass.
A beautiful blue sea to greet us.
In Venice there are police and fire boats as well as ambulance boats like the one shown here

Glass blowing on Murano island.
The grave of Igor Stravinsky on San Mishele island.
Another impressionistic scene.
And after the day was done, we bid farewell to Venice.

*Probably the 4 co-rulers of Rome in its last days.

**These were the first robots to kill someone.  Someone was up there working in the 1700s and they knocked him off.


  1. Andrew, you have an awesome way of posting. I wonder how many other deaths by robot there have been since...

    I liked the little kid in his baggies, but especially seeing all of you sloshing around in your Wellies. (Tyler wants you to know he's 4, by the way). The glass insects and things look amazing too.

    Thanks for the insights in to your trip!

  2. P.S. I forgot to mention that I was impressed with your impressionistic photos.

  3. I wish I could have been there with you. It looks fun. I am glad you made it to the last day of the Gelato. Thanks for all the pictures.

  4. Even after getting lost in Venice, I liked it best in Italy. Perhaps it was our nice hotel, or maybe it was the awesomeness of a city on water. There is no charge for awesomeness.

  5. Awesome pictures. I love the watered plaza and the glass bugs. What a great time! Thanks for documenting it.