Thursday, November 18, 2010

Parades and Remembrance

This week has been a very busy week.  Yesterday I was woken up at an unearthly hour and told to get dressed for our tour at the houses of parliament.  After the tour was over it turned out that it was the day of the Lord Mayor's parade through the city.  We first made our way home, and then to the parade.  Now enough blabbing.  Time look at pictures!!!  Oh!  Also, we've been having remembrance ceremonies around here because of remembrance day.  The first one was at Trafalgar Square.  It was amazing.  We participated in the 2-minute silence, and to hear noisy London completely silent is an amazing experience.  Pix below.

Here is at Trafalgar Square during the remembrance ceremony.  Here we listened to some singers, participated in a 2-minute silence out of respect for the dead, and threw poppy petals into the fountain.
These are just some cute school kids "bunking off school" to see the remembrance ceremony.
Here is Dad throwing some poppy petals into the fountain at Trafalgar Square.
OK, now we are into the parade.  These guys are the royal artillery.  You can see the caissons rolling along in the foreground. 

 And here is the big man himself in the carriage that is only taken out of the Museum of London for this occasion.
 Here is one of the many marching bands.  I included this particular one because it lets you guys see the traditional hats that the soldiers wear.
 Here is a random potato harvester that came through.  You can see the potato guy up on top.
And lastly, the steam bus from Yorkshire.  Driven solely by steam.

Well, sorry about the ridiculously long wait but hope you enjoyed the pics.  No videos because of the terribly slow internet connection.



  1. Hey Andrew, I loved your post. It was fun to see the pix and read the descriptions. Keep it up.

  2. I love your post. I didn't know about the two minute silence. I wish I had been there. Thanks for the pictures.

  3. Sorry you were awoken at such an unearthly hour, but I am glad to see you finally posting!! I love your approach and commentary with photos. Mom's email told about the Trafalgar Square ceremony and the parade, but I liked to get your point of view (and photos of the school children, etc.), and I had no idea there were cool things like a potato harvester or steam bus in the Lord Mayor's parade. How fun to see! Roger and I were wondering how far spread the silence was. Just in the square? or other areas that participate? Or is it a widely spread observance all across London? Keep posting!!

  4. Yay! I have comments! It used to be more widespread with cars pulling over for 2 minutes but now its usually just people. Lots of people all over London, England, and the world (British people mostly) participate.