Monday, September 26, 2011


Today I'm writing partly to document a great event, and partly to tell all of you of a great musician that you need to listen to.  Yesterday I attended a Kalai concert at Timpview High School.  Kalai is a Hawaiian born artist who is probably the most amazing guitar player that I have ever heard.  He has a bunch of albums out including Acousticism (my fav), Six Strings And The Rainy Day Man, and Crows Feet.  Anyhow, go check his music out.  He's one of a kind and he's among my favorite artists.  A couple of my awesome cousins came down from SLC for the concert and we hit campus for some J-Dawgs and Apple Beer before the concert.  All in all, an amazing evening.  Picts below:

Here is On My Mind from Acousticism

My signed copy of Acousticism

My signed Kalai t-shirt

My signed Kalai t-shirt with my signed copy of Acousticism

 Me with my signed Kalai t-shirt and my signed copy of Acousticism

 Okay, so I'm obsessed.  Deal with it :)  And check out Kalai.  Till next time...

     ."".    ."",
    |  |   /  /
   |  |  /  /
  |  | /  /
     |  |/  ;-._ 
     }  ` _/  / ;
     |  /` ) /  /
     | /  /_/\_/\
     |/  /      |
     (  ' \ '-  |
      \    `.  /
       |      |
       |      |

 P.S. On a side note: Timpview has an amazing ballroom dance team.  In the afternoon before the concert a friend and I went and saw them preform at a competition at Orem High.  I highly recommend checking them out.  Rock on Timpview dance team!!

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