Sunday, October 30, 2011

Leather Jackets, Dances, and Harleys

     Today I'm writing to document an awesome Halloween Dance and an even more awesome Halloween costume.  This was a dance with three stakes, Oak Hills, Provo, and Provo East, all full of great people and imaginative costumes.  Music? great.  Decorations? super spooky.  Treats? excellent.  Andrew's improv. dance moves? not so much.  Before the dance a friend and I hit a haunted house set up by some of our friends (and I thought I was big on Halloween :) which was awesome and very professionally done.  My costume this year consisted of a pink and white shirt, a sweet hair-do, a leather belt, a pair of leather boots, a black leather jacket, and a pair of classy aviators to complete the effect.  Yes my friends, this year I dressed up as a Harley-rider.  Only one question remains: how to get a Harley to ride...  Pix below:
The full costume, boots and all.

And with the aviators on.
Amazing Costume: Anne (couldn't a done it without her)
Amazingly Attractive Hair-Do: Awesome Big Sister
Spooky Haunted House: Hannah and Friends

Stay tuned for:  Wallace, Stripey, and Lisa the Halloween Spiders.


  1. Who did your hair? It looks so awesome. I think you might have the best big sister ever. And thanks to Anne of course.

  2. Ummm... not to be technical or anything but... I'm like twice as big as you (hahahahaha). It was a fantabulous costume and hair-do. Thanks for reminding me to give credit to all of the behind-the-scenes people that made it awesome :)