Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Mexican Thanksgiving

     Ahhh, so much to tell-and so much space to do it in... wait a minute... that's perfect!  Well, the title says it.  I spent Thanksgiving in New Mexico.  I seem destined to spend Thanksgiving abroad (last Thanksgiving was spent in Venice).  In fact I went out for gelato with my parents and Beno Seely to commemorate that great event.  I have to say that my Thanksgiving break from school wasn't the most relaxing as I was suffering from a deep lung infection and a serious cough :(  On the bright side I was able to watch all three LOTR movies in one day which was so epic that I had to pause them on several occasions and take a 30 minute nap to recover my strength so that I could continue watching.  After finishing all three movies I found my emotions totally drained and laid on the couch in a dull stupor for a long time afterwards.  And then I slept. 
     After a few days of wonderful antibiotics I was feeling ready to make the trip to Los Alamos where my brother and his family currently live.  I always love this particular road trip because southern Utah has some absolutely amazing scenery.

I had a fantastic time:
Reading to my nieces.
Clobbering everyone while playing Mario Kart Wii.

Discussing jobs, science, business, and other matters of importance over the Ping Pong table.
Cooking in the kitchen.
("Andrew," you say, "is there something wrong with your hair?" well no actually, I'm simply wearing an improvised hair net.  I'm a Dapper Dan man ;)
Puzzling over frustratingly hard mind games at the Science Museum (this one we never solved).
And practicing particle acceleration (again at the Science Museum).
Here is all of us including the newest addition whose blessing we were fortunate enough to attend.
What an amazing week!  If I hadn't started throwing up the night before we left it would have been perfect but, even considering that misfortune it was pretty near the mark.

On a side note:
Remember that southern Utah scenery?  This photo is from an amazing art/photography exhibit at the Los Alamos local library.

My driveway looks beautiful in autumn.  As you are walking up it and as the dappled sunlight dances on your face sometimes you can hear distant bells...

And doesn't Timpanogas look gorgeous with a fresh cloak of glittering snow?  What a beautiful place Provo is.
And now that you've been duly informed and inspired, auf Wiedersehen and goodnight.



  1. Dude. I'll have to play you in Mario Kart Wii one of these days. That's a quality game, that is!

  2. Fo sho yo! Incredibly entertaining.

  3. I loved this post. It made me laugh with delight. I am glad that you are pretty much better though. You are wonderful.

  4. K, for starters, I spent the whole post thinking "there is a Dr. Mario Bros for the wii?" But now I realize you said Mario Kart, which I have, and which I do not clobber anyone while playing. Next, you make a great dapper dan. Wish I could see some of that Southern Utah photograpy in New Mexico. Yours ain't bad either.
    Glad you are better! Thanks for posting again. Always a delight.

  5. Haha thanks Meg! Actually there is Dr. Mario for Wii.