Wednesday, February 29, 2012

El Cheapo 2012

     Imagine a date, the theme of which was being cheap.  Add to that a school-sponsored dance and a whole lot of fun people and you've pretty much got El Cheapo.

     Our group consisted of Beno and Alyssa; Micheal and Kristen; Josh and Megan; Parker and Jennifer; Simon and Emily; and Nate and Emily.  Oh, and, of course, Yours Truly.  Could it be more ideal?

     I asked Kelsey Herdman who just so happens to be a fantastic girl and a great friend.

     To my relief she said, "yes!"

Pix below:

Josh, Parker, Jennifer, and I with the tricked-out "El Cheapo-mobile."
     We began with some fantastic chalk-art competitions at Kiwanas Park.  The drawings included sketches of Y Mountain (or in our case a pirate ship... whoops), fruit drawings, sketches of dates, and finally a great work of group-art.
Yes, we did, indeed, decorate a sidewalk big time.
Our group creation...
     Next, we headed to the Provo City Library for a surprise book hunt.  Each couple was given a checklist and tried to find the thickest, largest, or most colorful books.  We then compared results at the end of the time limit.
Yes, we found some pretty sweet books including David Bowie and Dinosaurs.
This is during the competition.  We didn't win any of the contests, but we most definitely found the coolest books.
     We then headed to a park.  On the way there, we found a cooler sitting on the side of the road with just the perfect amount of Cup-o-Noodles and french bread for dinner (thank you fairy godmother).  Micheal happened to have a camp stove in the trunk of his car.  While the water heated in the pavilion, we played a couple of intense rounds of capture the flag.  Then we enjoyed a dinner of Ramen, French bread, cider, and brownies.
The noodles were very warming in the chilly night air.  Did I mention that this was a candlelight supper?
Me in steam.
     And lastly, we headed to the dance.
3 Girls enjoying El Cheapo.

Andrew pulling an amazing improv. dance move.
     I am rarely one to really enjoy dances.  Even if I do enjoy one I rarely feel any desire to stay longer than 30 minutes.  This one, however, was fantastic.  We had so much fun that we stayed until the very end.  Afterwards we headed to Micheal's place for ice cream sundaes.  I spent a grand total of $2.05 on dinner for my date and myself.  I've been on good dates, but this one might just take the cake!


  1. What a fun date. And I'm glad you have the pictures to remember it by. And I'm glad you had such fun people to be with. (And the improv dance move really was amazing.)

  2. Dances truly are good times with the right group of people. They never did El-Cheapo while I was there, but this post brought back a whole host of dance memories. Sounded way fun! Imagine that! Two of my favorite people, Drewshizzle Tate and Kelsey Herdman, went to El-Cheapo together! =D

  3. I am glad I went with you Andrew, I had a marvelous time! I am also happy that you know Andrew Woodruff. (Thanks Andrew Woodruff for that compliment. You're pretty swell too!)

  4. Haha, you're both so awesome! Mom too :)

    1. Once upon a time, i was doing an English paper, got bored and googled "Beno Seely", which led me to Kelsey's blog which led me here! El Cheapo was good times man....good times.