Thursday, March 22, 2012

Drewshizzle And The Boys

     It's been a great couple of weeks.  Morp (girls-choice ugly prom) was fantastic.  My date dumped a bucket of red paint down the back of my shirt and not many guys can say that.  It included pizza, Curses (the game), paint wars, and McDonald's.  What a night!
     It was the end of third term last week.  I can't believe that the year is almost over.  Now just for testing...  Also, Yours Truly can legally drive other people!  Booya!
     On Saturday, Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band came to Timpview for a private concert.  Beno, Taylor, and I, tripled up for an awesome date (myself with Kimberly Russon).  It was a super fun night and everybody had a great time.  The band's sheer musical talent, energy, and goofy sense of humor make them great performers.  I would attend anytime.  Here is one of their music videos:

     On top of that, I was fortunate enough to attend the ward talent show earlier this evening.  Yes, I did participate.  I was planning on doing a solo performance on the guitar or banjo, however, a couple of awesome brothas recruited me to form a band.

     Not bad for one practice, eh?  Thank you Oak Hills 2nd Ward Young Women for your support ;)  We hope to be back next year even better than before...



  1. Dude, what a fine time! "Drewshizzle and the Boys." I freaking love it.

  2. Tyler and I loved your groovy song.

  3. Drewshizzle and the boys? Too cool man. Too cool.