Sunday, July 22, 2012


     Known by locals as "Timp," Mount Timpanogos is one of the highest peaks around.  At 11,750 feet elevation, it is only slightly shorter than Mt. Nebo to the south.  It also constitutes one of the 7 Peaks that the popular water park is named after.  With its majestic peaks and flower-filled cirques it is one of the most popular hikes around.  There are two commonly-used trails up the mountain: the Aspen Grove trail, and the Timpooneke trail.  We chose to hike the Aspen Grove trail because it is much closer, much shorter, and much steeper than the Timpooneke.
     This was my first time up old Timp and it was actually Beno, a several-time veteran, who suggested the hike.  I jumped at the opportunity to get a group together and conquer the summit.  The group consisted of me, Beno, his cousin, Jacob (who was visiting from Washington), and Josh Dawson, a fit and experienced hiker.  The day before the hike we checked the weather forecast and found that a 70% chance of rain was expected.  We decided to go ahead anyways.
     Pics below:
We were on the mountain by about 7:00 am.

Josh looking back through the valley at the trail head.

A cool snow cave, carved out by a waterfall.

Emerald Lake, the point just before the last ascent.
In order to make it to the saddle we had to cross this monster.

Remember that weather forecast?

A cloudless glimpse down the north side of the mountain.

The Summit Shack on top of Mt. Timpanogos!

We made it!  It was cold.  After calling home and texting a picture to our dates for bowling that evening, we headed back down.
That's right!  Your's Truly on one of Timp's cliffs.
      And then we were off, off into the mists (hear that waterfall?  That's actually the rain!)

     This is one of the few hikes that I have been on where the trail back seem far longer than the trail up.  We did eventually make it home, and took dates bowling at the BYU Game Center.  It was an epic day.


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  1. Your hike looks awesome. Wish I had been there. And I am amazed that you took dates and went bowling in the evening. I'm not sure I would have had the energy. I guess I'm going to have to start hiking and maybe even try Timp later this year.